In 1995 was the adoption of the United Company for Trading and Agencies as a proxy for air conditioning Unionaire.
On 30 November 1998, the company became the authorized distributor for the United Vodafone Egypt in Al-In 2001 the United Company has renewed its contract with Vodafone Egypt to become a distributor executive of Vodafone services across the province.
In 2006 the company has succeeded in opening a branch in Hong Kong in China under the name of advanced vision technology.
In 2009 the company adopted the United brand "UniTronics" of electronic devices for cars such as car kit - GPS, to be among the company's products Nations and become the official agent for the products of "UniTronics" in Egypt.
In 2009 the company won a contract with a G-Tide. Mobile phones under the brand "G-TiDE" to be the sole and exclusive agent for its products in Egypt.

The Chinese origin already, but it is different from any Chinese product on the market, it shall be guaranteed for one full year against manufacturing defects Hard ware and software, in the sense that the company provide for solving any problem of manufacturing defects during the warranty period for free, and that the device is supported by the National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and authorized by law and safe to human health, and holds a certificate of quality European CE, to make sure the No. 155 Contact the Consumer Protection Agency, in addition to the availability of all spare parts and accessories are original company .. For more, call 19 043 at a normal call.

This technology is standards for mobile telephone analog, which began to be used in the years of the eighties 1980 and continued until it was replaced Baltlefonat portable digital technology, G2 and the main difference between the two systems successive mobile telephone G1 and G2 is that the radio signals used by the networks G1 signals analog record the networks G2 are used digital digital signals.

Was launched the second generation of mobile telecommunications networks G2 commercial in the early nineties 1990. There are three advantages of a basic network G2 over its predecessors as the phone calls are so encoded digitally, but in the systems standard analog, it has been possible and available to others that Atsntua and spy on calls, so the regulations G2 more efficient in terms of the core in the private sphere by allowing the levels of penetration and proliferation of mobile phones on a very large scale and the technology has also introduced G2 for Mobile data Services which began short text messages SMS.
The company's products from G-TiDE, the property supports the second generation G2, including:
G12 - G19 - G28 - Q920 - G25 - G1 - G3 - G7 - G33 - G21 - G35 - G38 - G28i - G6 - G88 - G91 - G7i - Q970 - G39 - M99 - G222 - G333 - G666 - G152i

The G3 technology is the third generation of standards and technology to the mobile phone, which replaced the 2G technology and at the same time it prior to the newer technology G4. The G3 technology, you enjoy a wider range of more advanced services and higher data speeds while achieving greater network capacity through the development of the scope of the efficiency of communications. The family includes both the G3 technology technology technology HSDPA and HSUPA (hereinafter also referred to commercially as G3.5 and G3.75).
The company's products from G-TiDE, the property supports the second generation G2, including:

As the mobile network of rapid communication of data between different networks use Vodafone or Mobinil or connections, the service you have to depend on the quality of network coverage you get used to each geographical location where you are, the more contact your network service used on your phone.

Will contact you within 48 hours from the date of submission of the application, but was not reached you via phone, email will be sent to respond to the request, provided that the inquiry and Adj and the data is complete and correct.

Please activate the Internet manually by downloading from the site of activation steps of the company.

Please contact the customer service number 19043 from any landline phone at a normal call, to help you establish a web site, or request service online through the means of communication available electronically.

Service that allows you to talk to more than one person up to 6 people at one time.

Allows you to prevent or receive any calls on your phone, where you can block all international calls, incoming and outgoing, and when the service caller will hear a voice message stating your choice to prevent any contact on this number .. For more, call 19043.

Please call customer service number 19043 at the normal call, or request service online through the means of communication available electronically.

1. Go to the main menu, and then SMS messages.
2. Message settings and then choose the slide, and adjust the shape and choose the first position.
3. In the second column is inserted into the message center number on the network as Vodafone or Mobinil or contacts.
1. Message.
2. SMS.
3. SMS setting.
4. Sim1 or 2 settings.
5. Profile settings.
6. Profile 1 (Vodafone \ Mobinil \ Etisalat) chosse message center number.
Message center number to Vodafone: (+) or (00) / 20105996500
Message center number for Mobinil: (+) or (00) / 20122000020
Message center number of contacts: (+) or (00) / 20112008000

About these messages which are sent automatically from your computer, it is not a particular problem Abjahazakm only, but is a general problem sent to all types of mobile devices, and send you deduct the balance of the future of the message, and through the points are not known so far, aims to profit from the balance customers, has announced the National telecom Regulatory Authority of the existence of this general problem, and warned customers to deal with such messages, and the reason for this is due to one of the following reasons:
1 - Some entities and companies, competitions and some of the messages, which read that there is a new friend like dating you, or the like, to send such messages, when replying to the message even if the message is empty, is also off balance constantly, it is better to delete the message from the device completely , and not to respond to or deal with it at all.
2 - Some dating sites of these agencies to send patches and cookies in turn send messages to destinations unknown and the cost of the message is already 3 pounds.
And please go to the nearest branches of the company's device and the security certificate to update software for the device, which works to close all channels for these messages, and prevents access to the device even if it is sent to your number .. For more, please contact the customer service number 19043.

The default password for the devices G Tide .1122 or 1234 or 0000 (four zeros), and will not leave all the default numbers mentioned by us.

Please go to the nearest branches of the United Company, to update the software of the device, for more, call 19 043 at the normal call.

This feature is available to Mentajatna that support Java applications, where it was to provide versions of the browser (Opera mobile), consistent with each model from the models that support Java applications (Java), and these applications allows browsing all the benefits and services your Active pictures with the exception of video and audio direct and Chat .. To learn more, call 19 043 at a normal call.

This property is available for most Mentajatna that support Java applications, which were provided versions of the chat (SHmessenger), and agree most of these models, these applications allow the work on these accounts Chat .. To learn more, call 19 043 at a normal call.

Customer service number is 19,043, and you can contact at a normal call, from Saturday to Thursday from 10 am to 10 pm, and Friday from 1.30 pm to 10 meters.

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